Our vision is to glorify Jesus as Savior, Healer, and Miracle Worker.

It’s also to see the salvation of the souls and to create a family oriented church with teachings for all ages. Our desire is to have a church filled with the gifts of the Spirit, which are:

Word of Wisdom – Word of Knowledge – Faith – Healing – Miracles – Prophesy – Discerning of Spirits – Speaking in Tongues – and Interpretation of Tongues.

Our vision is to reach our surrounding communities from Cabazon to San Bernardino and our beautiful city of Yucaipa.


Our Purpose


The purpose here at Iglesia Cristo El Redentor is to serve God in the following ways:

1) To be a church where the lost, the sick, and those who are in bondage can receive Jesus Christ as their Savior, Healer, and Deliverer.
To be a family church that makes disciples of all the families, the parents, children, grandparents, and singles.
3) To be a church with Hope, Love, and accept those who are hurt and affiicted.
4) It is to teach and complete the 11Great Commission” by:
A. Evangelizing to the lost
B. Taking care of the afflicted
C. Making disciples of all believers
D. Serving God with the Gifts of the Spirit