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Video Testimonials

“Thank the Lord! Praise his name! Tell the world about his wondrous love and how mighty he is!” (Isaiah 12:4 TLB)


Christian Testimonies

Our collection of Christian testimonies needs yours! Before you see these Christian testimonies, think about your own journey to Jesus. Have you shared it? If you haven’t, Please know that The Bible says that Christians will produce fruit (John 15:8; Matthew 3:10).


Your testimony may produce fruit for God’s kingdom. Don’t waste this opportunity. You can send us your story right now.
Don’t worry about how it looks or if your testimony is boring. Your story could be the only one to connect with a person searching for the truth. No life-saving journeys are boring.




Every single testimony is unique and gives us a bit more insight into how our God works in this day and age.


Would you like us to include your Video Testimonial? Its simple just upload your video to youtube and write down the link in the comment section below. (we will add it within 24 hours)

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